With support from Sky, Bolder Academy opens its doors in Hounslow, London, helping school place shortages

  • This new academy led by passionate local primary and secondary school headteachers in Hounslow will provide education for 11-18 year olds in an area with a shortage of school places
  • The Bolder Academy project is an innovative and sustainable partnership showcasing how business and education can work together and benefit the UK education system
  • Sky will offer exclusive access for pupils to use its facilities and benefit from the skills of employees, to help them develop a diverse range of skills across technology and media, such as providing coding classes for all students
  • Sky will run a number of sports and fitness events for all students, including with Sky Sports talent

Sky is pleased to announce that the new Bolder Academy will open its doors in Hounslow to 150 Year 7 pupils on 10 September 2018, after four years of planning and development in close partnership with a number of local primary and secondary school headteachers and Hounslow Council. The new school received Government funding and the backing of the local authorities.

Bolder Academy is a rare collaboration involving educators and a business, with the aim of ensuring that the power of innovative teaching, facilities and support can change lives in a multi-cultural area which has faced school place shortages.

Sky is proud to be playing an active role in supporting The Bolder Academy, by offering a number of unique facilities and experiences to students. Located immediately adjacent to the heart of Sky’s West London campus, one example of Sky’s support will be to provide coding courses for all ages as part of their educational development.

Bolder Academy pupils will benefit from having access to employees working at one of the most thriving and innovative entertainment businesses in Europe.

Andrew Griffith, Sky’s Chief Operating and Financial Officer commented: “We’re delighted to see Bolder Academy open its doors, this school will make a real difference to our local area. Bolder Academy’s successful opening is testament to the passion of local primary and secondary school headteachers, Sky’s employees and Hounslow Council who have worked together to get this important project off the ground.

“Our close relationship with Bolder Academy demonstrates how business and education can work together to make a difference to local communities, to ensure learning is enjoyable and accessible whilst providing every child with the opportunity and skills they need to excel.”

Heidi Swidenbank, Headteacher of Bolder Academy commented: “We hope that by providing significant resources and unique opportunities, students who go through the academy will develop a range of diverse skills and expertise to inspire them to become successful in their chosen career paths.

“The partnership at the Bolder Academy is sustainable and innovative and working closely with Sky will make an enormous and meaningful impact on the early development of children of all ages and backgrounds in Hounslow. We believe Bolder Academy will challenge, support and commit to our future generations to prepare them for the world of work and ensure they lead bolder lives.”


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