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  • Before starting any sales training, the first thing to do is to identify what you want to get out of the program.

    Are there specific sales skills that you or your team need to polish up on?

    Are you or your sales team in a rut and need to find new approaches to the sales process?

    Is there a ‘new kid on the block’ who is enticing your customers away?

    Or are sales just gradually dropping with no real explanation?

    Unless you know your needs and goals, you won’t know what type of training is right for you.

    At Paul Martin Sales, we spend time with you and your business to establish exactly how we can help.

    All training is expertly designed so you gain the skills needed for immediate returns.

    Understand what would motivate a prospect to speak with you.
    Prevent and defuse initial objections such as, “I’m not interested,” “We don’t have any money now” or “Call me back later.”

    Develop the right enquiries that uncover new selling opportunities in seconds so that you can stop wasting precious time on the wrong prospects.

    Get the most out of your employees by building and coaching a high performing, self motivated team.

    This service is tailored to your business and specific areas for improvement, choose from a full-day or half-day in-house training – contact us to discuss your requirements for a detailed quotation

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