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  • We do more than just create custom spreadsheets, we help you to enforce, track and analyse your business processes. This is vital for all businesses, and we have made it more affordable.

    We understand how important business processes and systems are, and we want to enable all businesses to achieve their best possible results. Large businesses have the advantage, as they can spend large amounts of money on custom made programmed business software. Small and medium businesses can’t always afford the exorbitant fees, so they settle for a ‘standard’ product, and then try and squeeze their business into the mould required by the software. This causes companies to lose their competitive advantage as they are all working with the same ‘one size fits all’ strategy.

    We want to give small and medium businesses the same advantages that the larger firms enjoy, but we want to make it affordable to everyone. We use Excel to achieve this, as most people already either use or have it. The problem is that most people underestimate what Excel can do, as they do not have the expertise that we have, in order to produce outstanding spreadsheets and software.

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