Over 35-years behind bars for Doncaster burglary trio


Three men who broke into two Doncaster houses carrying weapons, stealing a number of high value items including four Labradoodle puppies, have been jailed for a combined total of 36-years.

David Joyce, 24, Connor Ismay, 19 and Thomas Conlon, 20, were due to stand trial for the offences but instead entered guilty pleas at Sheffield Crown Court for two counts each of aggravated burglary.

Joyce, of Harley Street, Manchester and Conlon, of Kirkhouse Green, Doncaster were jailed for 12-years each for the two offences, while Ismay, of Rowan Avenue, Bradford, was jailed for 12-years and 6 months.

The trio’s first offence took place on Tuesday 20 February, when a house on Pinfold Lane, Moss, was broken into.

The gates of the house were forced open and the house broken into, with Conlon carrying a lump hammer and Joyce and Ismay each carrying a knife. A quantity of cash was stolen, along with an extensive amount of jewellery, designer clothes and four Labradoodle puppies.

Just two days later, the three men targeted their second property, a house on Pinfold Lane, Fishlake. The house was broken into and searched but nothing taken.

Detective Constables Jane Keightley and Joanna Vine, the investigating officers, said: “On both occasions, we had extensive CCTV of Joyce, Ismay and Conlon, entering both houses and carrying weapons on both occasions.

“Thankfully, the occupants of the properties were not in but what happened has had a severe impact on both of them. They no longer feel safe to be in their own homes and have lost items of huge sentimental value that can never be replaced.

“Efforts to trace and identify the three men were detailed and required extensive CCTV analysis, the recovery of two vehicles, looking at and tracing various receipts and transactions and also forensic work.

“I’m pleased that they have admitted their guilt and have been given lengthy sentences for their crimes. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to recover any of the stolen property but I hope that the sentences given, and knowing that they are all now behind bars, offers some solace to the victims.”


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