Is Stewie Gay? What Is His Sexuality In “Family Guy”?


The “Family Guy”, an animated show on Fox that has been popular for nearly 20 years and counting, has played with the idea of toddler Stewie’s (voiced by show creator Seth MacFarlane) sexuality from the beginning.

Throughout the show’s run, Stewie Griffin, the evil, overgrown, genius baby, has been one of the most popular characters. Fans now think that Family Guy’s Stewie might be the gayest character on TV. So, let’s look into this.

Is Stewie Gay?

Well, Stewie Griffin’s character’s sexuality is unknown. According to Gary Janetti Statement to Entertainment Weekly, Stewie Griffin has sexuality in confusion state. The episode was written by veteran Family Guy writer Gary Janetti, who collaborated with McKellen on the hilarious Vicious series.

During the episode, Stewie informs the good doctor that he is not gay. If anything, I’m less gay than I used to be, not that anyone at this school would care.


Thus, Stewie’s sexual orientation appears to be “free-flowing” overall. Nevertheless, it was fascinating to observe how self-aware Stewie is regarding such complex emotions, even if he is not completely aware of them. He has come to realize that this is something he will have to deal with more in the future.

Janetti also said that “The intention for Stewie is never to come out as gay or not gay,” “He will be forever in this state of confusion, as you would be when you’re that age. Ultimately, it’s more interesting to dig deeper than that.”

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What Do The Fans Say?

One “Family Guy” Fan said that Stewie is bisexual for multiple reasons. “In most episodes, Stewie seems really gay and makes a lot of gay jokes, and seems like he really likes men.” But Stewie has dated at least two girls and has kissed at least one of them. Stewie has been in a relationship with two different women, Olivia and Penelope.

Fan also added, “Stewie also likes to dance with grown men and tell inappropriate jokes about what he wants to do to them, which makes him less straight, and thus I believe Stewie is bisexual rather than gay, as many other Family Guy fans believe.”

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About Stewie’s Character

The most important thing to know about Stewie is that he is one year old. Stewie is the main “Family Guy” character in many episodes, and his personality is a big part of what makes the show funny.

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