Is Lil Reese In Jail And Arrested For Aggravated Assault? Everything To Know


Lil Reese whose real name is Tavares Lamont Taylor is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois.

Lil Reese became well-known after appearing on Chief Keef’s hit song “I Don’t Like,” which received a lot of attention internationally.

The song is also number 73 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 20 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, and number 15 on the Hot Rap Songs chart.

Is Lil Reese In Jail?

Lil Reese was arrested on May 19, 2022, on charges of aggravated assault. Complex Says that he is alleged to have assaulted a family member. On May 19, Lil Reese was taken to the Harris County Jail.

At first, he was not allowed to get out on bond. Five days later, he was arrested on the same charge, but his bond was set at $60,000.

lil reese

The arrest happened right after May 17, when Lil Reese gave birth to her second child. His Instagram page hasn’t been updated since May 17, when he and Kimani’s daughter Kairi Harley was born.

Lil Reese was happy to have a baby girl, and he wrote on Instagram, “I just had a baby girl… she so f**king pretty. Im finna fall the f**k out ion even supposed to be posting these pics but f**k it.”

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Lil Reese’s Legal Issues

Lil Reese has been involved in a number of legal issues. In May 2010, Reese admitted to burglary charges. He was also arrested for assault, battery, and having marijuana on him more than once over the years.

In 2013, police in Champaign County, Illinois, arrested Reese for criminal trespass, mob action, and battery in relation to the video from 2012.

Reese has also been hurt by gun violence several times. In May 2021, Reese and two other men were taken to the hospital after a shooting in a Chicago parking garage.

Lil Reese was charged with domestic violence in June 2021. His girlfriend at the time called 911 and said that the man who called himself “Supa Savage” hit her in the face. So, Lil Reese is facing many charges.

Lil Reese Responds To His Allegations

“I’m not blind or s###. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Lil Reese said about the 2021 shooting; I don’t even know where [the f###] they getting all these fake ass stories from.” 

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