Who Is David Muir? Is David Muir Gay Or Straight? His Sexuality Is Explored!


Nowadays, Many people enjoy spreading rumors about the sexuality and sexual orientation of celebrities. “Is David Muir Gay?” David Muir is a well-known anchor for ABC.

He is one of the most famous journalists and social media personalities in the world. So, This website will tell you about David’s sexuality and more about him.

Who Is David Muir?

David Muir is an American journalist who is also an Emmy Award-winning journalist. He joined ABC News in August 2003.

And Before ABC, David Muir also worked as a presenter and reporter for WCVB-TV in Boston.

Additionally, Muir is well known for doing great work and covering dangerous and deadly news with confidence for ABC.

Is David Muir Gay?

Well, David Muir’s sexuality is unknown. However, In 2014, There was a rumor that he was dating Gio Benitez, who also works on ABC.

In 2015, the famous journalist was seen spending a lot of time with Gio Benitez, who is also a journalist for ABC News.

david muir

But, At that time, Gio Benitez was in a same-sex relationship with his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario, and got engaged to him on September 17, 2015.

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What Is David Muir’s Relationship Status?

David has kept his dating life private like many other celebrities. So, No one knows if he’s married, single, or in a relationship with anyone.

Even Though David, on the other hand, has been in a relationship with Kate Dries, but it is not clear what the status of that relationship is. Because David never said if he was dating her or not.

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