Begin capturing your special memories today…


I am very passionate about helping as many of you as possible capture your loved one’s and pet’s unique prints.

With my print kits priced at just £2.99 there is no reason why you shouldn’t have your special prints and keep a part of your loved one’s with you wherever you go.  When you order a print kit you will also be sent a discount code to get 10% off personalised stamps and jewellery 🙂

Order a hand and/or footprint kit to capture your loved one’s hand and/or footprints.  This kit can be used with babies from birth all the way up to Great Grandparents.  The oldest print I have taken so far is from a 100 year old lady for gift for her Great Granddaughter!

Order a pet paw print kit to capture your special pet’s unique paw print.  So many people put it off and before you know it your young, bouncy pet is approaching the later years of their life or they become poorly.  So many owners say to me they wish they had taken a print when they had the chance.  So don’t wait, order your kit and capture your pet’s unique paw prints today.


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