5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Legal Documentation


In today’s world, every business that operates online (Doesn’t necessarily have to sell via their website) needs to have the correct legal documentation in place.

The types of legal documentation include:

Website Terms and Conditions. These website terms of use set out the legal rights and obligations between you and your website visitors.

Cookies Policy (with a notification). The law requires website operators provide clear and comprehensive information about how cookies are used.

Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy aims to make your business comply with UK and EU privacy laws and covers key issues.

The main 5 reasons why it is essential for all website owners to have legal documentation are:

  1. Comply with the Law. You need to make sure you comply with the latest rules and regulations such as Cookies Directive and the Data Protection Act.
  2. Limit Liability. Without proper terms and conditions your liability to customers and third parties could be unlimited.
  3. Stay ahead of Competition. Specialist legal documents add credibility to your business, increase value and help protect your business.
  4. Make doing business online easier. The right legal documents make trading online easier, faster and smoother.
  5. Build trust online. Visible legal documentation will build trust and credibility with your website visitors.

It is surprising how many UK websites don’t have the basic documentation in place. This of course is due to a number of reasons, which include awareness (actually knowing this in the first place) and the cost to get these done properly by a legal expert – it would actually put a lot of people off.

ThatLegalStuff.com solves this problem. They can provide specific legal documentation for your website with automatic updates (as and when the law changes – you stay protected) for just £3 per month or £30 per year.  The sign up process only takes 15 minutes and your website will be protected in no time. Visit ThatLegalStuff.com for more information.


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